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A.S.K. Kazakhstan

About Us

The «A.S.K. Kazakhstan» company was founded in 2003 and it takes the agricultural products market soon. Today the «A.S.K. Kazakhstan⁠» company is one of the largest Kazakh companies engaged in supplying of high quality seeds from all over the world, as well as highly effective plant protection products and organic micronutrients to improve the efficiency and productivity of crops.

The «A.S.K. Kazakhstan» company is the official distributor of the 7th world famous seed companies, such as «Pioneer», «Monsanto», «Rapool», «DSV», «Norika» and «Satimex», 4th world leaders in the production of pesticides such companies as «Du Pont», «BASF», «Arysta» and «AgroBest Grup» and the producer of organic micronutrients - «AgriTecno Fertilizantes» company. The new direction of the company is the delivery of biological pesticides from the «T.Stanes» and  "Biona" company.

The product line offered by our company is more than 200 items.

More than 950 farms are our company clients.

The «A.S.K. Kazakhstan» company operates all over Kazakhstan. There are 7 company regional offices and warehouses in Kazakhstan. Each area offers its own individual product package designed for specific climatic and soil conditions: seeds, plant protection products, micronutrient and advice on the introduction of effective crop.

The «A.S.K. Kazakhstan» team consist of 37 professionals with extensive international experience.

The «A.S.K. Kazakhstan» company is exporting agricultural products in 7 both CIS and far-abroad countries, such as China, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Baltic and EU countries.

«A.S.K. Kazakhstan» company
provides the following services:


We provide agro consultations to all our customers in agro-industrial sector.

Agricultural products purchasing

We render an assistance in selling of agricultural producers products.

Agricultural products export

We expanded the spectrum of the supplied agricultural products on the international market.

We have been purchasing the agricultural
products from local producers since 2013

Our branches in the territory of Kazakhstan

  • Almaty

Records of our customers


centners of grain per hectare

The «Nur Agro» farm,
Almaty region


centners of sunflower per hectare

The «Luch» farm, The «Belovodie» farm,
The East Kazakhstan region


centners of canola per hectare

The «Daiyndyk Agro» farm,
The North Kazakhstan region


centners of potato per hectare

The «Sadovod» farm, The «Terra» farm,
Kostanay region

We really like and appreciate out partners!

Out contacts

You may find us at:

31, Nauryzbai Batyr Street, 94 office, Almaty, Kazakhstan

call by phone:

+7 (727) 226-25-11

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